REACT is a new kind of creative hub

Konstellation & Republica wanted to completely rethink the role of young creatives inside an agency, so we created REACT. At REACT, roles are reversed. Usually, young creatives are at the bottom of the hierarchy, but here they're on top with the title 'Creative Lead' on their business card. All REACT creatives get to pitch and present directly to clients. They control their own process and are coached a few times a week by top creatives from the industry (both internal and external).

"At REACT, recent graduates have the opportunity to prove themselves and create great work with real clients. They do it all the time in classes on student briefs for clients and awards like DIA and D&AD, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do it here. Of course, we won’t leave them totally hanging. They’ll have experienced creative coaches to guide them, but ultimately it’s up to them. The structure is new and kind of experimental, so anything is possible. We’ll just take Kurt Vonnegut’s advice on jumping off cliffs and 'develop our wings on the way down'"

– Clare McNally

Contact person

Per Holm Henriksen
Talent Manager
Tlf: +45 3070 8039