Digital child pornograhy knows no borders, and needs to be tackled internationally. So when Denmark faced a critical EU vote, Save the Children Denmark asked us to do a film, showing how the outcome could potentially restrict their future efforts to solve child pornography cases.



We produced a video for Save the Children about the impact elections could have on the Danish legal reservations. The film needed to inform and engage our audience, without twisting their arm to vote either way. We just wanted them to decide on their position. The film had to be informative, but still strike an emotional cord​. So we used shadow theatre as a subtle way to show the abuse. It also acts as a visual metaphor for the darker side of society.



Without any media spend, the film reached over 500 000 people on Facebook and Twitter. It was shared 780 times by NGO’s, opinion leaders, politicians and even the Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (also Kristian Jensen, Martin Lidegaard, Margrete Auken and Søren Pind … to name only a few). Christina Antorini called the video “important” and Trine Bramsen said: “it’s about real children and real problems that know no boundaries. We owe it to children to fight". Magrethe Auken wants people to see the film and Pia Olsen Dyhr wrote on Facebook: ”... the video is an impressive showcase of the importance of unity”.