Consumers find it hard to distinguish between Danish supermarkets. The discount supermarkets are claiming the same position as regular ones and all the regular supermarkets communicate pretty much the same USP's. SuperBrugsen wanted to differentiate themselves by creating a distinct profile, allowing the chain to go up against discount and regular supermarkets.



We created a unique brand promise for SuperBrugsen called: ’There is a difference’ ("Der er forskel"). We defined everything that makes SuperBrugsen a unique supermarket chain — the branches have great local knowledge and support in every town with great service, skilled bakers and butchers and rennovated, modern store facilities. We developed a full 360 degree platform with the Superbrugsen brand promise in social media, TVC’s, print, in-store, inside the national weekly flyer and much more. This promise became the cornerstone for all SuperBrugsen initiatives — every activity must make a real difference for the consumer. This promise can be seen in the various SuperBrugsen campaigns over the last year ... whether promoting SuperBrugsen's new baby pack for members, encouraging Danes to eat more vegetables, getting families to bake together over the holidays, celebrating Easter or making Christmas shopping a bit more fun.

SuperBrugsen is known for friendly, personal service in all its local branches throughout Denmark. It is also a go-to destination for it's highly-skilled butchers and bakers who are always looking to improve their craft and get to know their customers a little better.


Since the launch of the ’There is a difference’ platform in 2015, SuperBrugsen has reclaimed its position as one of Denmark's leading supermarket chains and has steadily increased its market share and sales.