The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, is well-known for its informative 'long reads' (in-depth news articles). On average, however, people now spend only about 30 seconds reading anything online ... so, how can we engage them to read more?



We used a new, innovative reading technology that both enhances people's reading speed and makes long-reads available on smaller devices. Paired with Jyllands-Posten content we created the "Jyllands-Posten Speed ​​Reader Challenge". After each article the reader was asked to answer "True or False" questions to check whether they had actually read and understood the full article. If they answered correctly, then their reading pace was increased. This continued until the reader reached his or her maximum speed ... often, surprisingly fast!



Jyllands-Posten Speed ​​Reader Challenge engaged all participants for a total of 3 minutes and 15 seconds on average – this is 975% higher than the norm! The Challenge converted 5% of the audience to new online subscriptions and gave readers a taste for long-reads and a positive experience of their own reading skills.


Danish Internet Awards : Shortlisted
Creative Circle Awards : Shortlisted