We wanted to drive Danish consumers to Coop's new online grocery shopping platform Our solution needed to create overall awareness about the benefits of buying your groceries online and had to fit comfortably within Coop's existing overall positioning of "Sammen om bedre mad" (Together for better food).



Our research showed that the Danish family dinner is under threat. Danish parents are busy and stressed and so tired most days they prefer watching TV or checking their mobile rather than bonding with their children over dinner. And despite children really wanting to spend more time with their parents, they're often eating alone (up to 43%!). So, how could we help? Well, shopping for groceries online creates more time in a busy week – you save up to 1.5 hours weekly, and all your groceries are delivered direct to your door. MAD gives busy families “Mere tid til mad sammen” (More time for food together).

We created an ongoing TV and online campaign to communicate this positioning in a variety of ways. First, we gave the regular 'Parent / Teacher talk' a new twist by creating the 'Work / Home talk' (Arbejde Hjem Samtalen) where kids got to discuss their mom or dad's busy schedules directly with their parent's boss. We ended up with an emotional TVC/web film and three shorter content films around the topic of online shopping, dinner and family time. We followed up with 'The teenage test' (Teenage Testen) where we asked teenagers who they'd most like to eat dinner with, if they could choose themselves. Surprisingly, all of them answered "Definitely my parents!". We also made a content film about teenagers and their relationship with their parents.



Increased national awareness for and a happy customer with all sales targets reached.