Create a new and inspiring food venue in central Copenhagen for people with a passion for diversity, taste and great quality.



MAD Cooperativet ("Food co-operative") is COOP's venue for food and people. It is a food court located in Copenhagen Central Station, where more than 1.3 million people pass through each year. Together with COOP and British design agency, CADA we created a destination that embraces the site as the embodiment of COOP's vision to breathe life into food culture, with a focus on diversity, taste and quality. A destination for all the city's residents and visitors from near and far under COOP's company motto: "Together for better food".

An architectural delicacy is the setting for inspiration with a fundamental respect for raw materials. Meal creation and a variety of different food cultures are proudly offered, to the delight and benefit of all. Customers can browse through COOP's best products along the 30m long in-store counter where station by station offer the very best and tastiest the city, field, land and waters have to offer. In the heart of the store, the TV program "Go 'appetite" with Claus Holm and Christian Bitz is recorded for National TV Channel, TV2.

Konstellation & Republica worked closely with COOP on this project, from the early stages of concept development until the final products were placed on the shelves. Now we would like all travelers, foodies and people with a curious appetite to have a taste.
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Design Week Awards : Shortlisted
Internationel Interior design Awards : Shortlisted
Blueprint Awards : Shortlisted
World Retail Awards : Shortlisted - Store Design of the Year