We wanted to raise awareness of a new concept store idea for Irma — "Lille Irma" (Little Irma) The new stores are local foodstores, 100% Irma, just around the corner and with everything you need.



Together with Irma, Konstellation & Republica created a new store concept for Irma – small, local stores. In meetings and presentations we kept calling this new Irma concept “little Irma” and came up with a string of different names. But at the last minute, the client agreed to call these new stores what they really were “Lille Irma’s”!

In Lille Irma we wanted to give customers the same ‘Irma experience’ in a smaller format. We had to rethink how to create the same feelings of freshness, quality and variety in a smaller space. With other, smaller local shops increasingly starting to look like kiosks, we decided to go in the opposite direction. We provided the framework for a local food shop with a focus on the joy of food, organic produce and seasonal offerings — all tailored towards local customers' wants and needs. The concept was developed with input from locals who really do live "around the corner", and the dialogue continues in-store, where the store manager includes offers for customers like "Thursday coffee" (where locals talk about the store and sample tasty new products). This new Irma may be little, but is still large enough for you to do all your daily food purchases ... and you can benefit from Irma's many bargains and offers.



The plan is to open Lille Irma in 15 to 20 different locations in and around Copenhagen. As in all Irma stores, the joy of cooking great food must be smelled, felt and seen. Although individual shops will not be copies of each other, there will, as always in Irma, be a focus on organic products and animal welfare, as well as passionate staff and the desire and courage to tread new paths ...