In 2015 the Danish Supermarket Irma started to modernize their brand, the design of their stores, as well as their packaging design.

A survey among Irma’s customers showed that a large part of Irma’s customer loyalty were due to Irma’s own products. They were considered to be a better quality than other store brands.

On the other hand Irma’s customers were unable to decode Irma’s sub-brands at the time. Simultaneously the stories behind Irma’s products were not featured clear enough on the packaging.



Irma wanted a new and modern packaging design, which could substantiate Irma’s uniqueness and its values.

The design had to recount the stories of the special quality of the individual product, its taste, where it came from as well as its situation.

At the same time it was decided to replace the different sub-brands with only one individual brand name, which was "Irma’s".



Irma’s new design is based on a few general features:

- A simple design with few but distinct annotations as well as simplistic images. 

- A large and clear exposure of Irma’s logo and the famous “Irma Girl” were both presented in a thorough graphic configuration.

- Color graphics, which stands out from the benchmark within this category.  

- An order of priority of the annotations that confirm that the commodity is something unique and therefore qualify for Irma’s brand image.



Creative Circle Awards : Shortlisted