Irma have always been pioneers when it comes to organic food and innovation in Denmark. But, as almost every Danish Supermarket chain was trying to claim leadership in organic food in 2016, Irma had to show that they still go further than the rest.



To show that Irma goes further, we brought organic farming into the inner-city of Copenhagen early one Saturday morning. We surprised Copenhageners by turning a classic Copenhagen courtyard into an organic farm with farm animals, mini crop fields and fruit trees. We also installed an old-school apple-press to make 100% fresh and organic apple juice and invited everyone to enjoy a delicious organic breakfast together with their neighbours and friends.



The city residents loved the event saying it was a "Fantastic concept!" that created "Good vibes" in the courtyard with all the kids and parents having a really great time. The online film showing our event generated over 350 000 views on facebook and almost 2000 facebook reactions.



Creative Circle Awards : Shortlisted - Event