When you’re in the service business it’s hard to differentiate on products alone, so you need to find other ways to stand out. We wanted to raise awareness in the core target group of real estate owners in Denmark by developing a new digital service that would add value. We zoned in on the problem area of moving house. This can be a hassle. There are a tonne of things to remember and you always forget something (it’s hard to know what’s in each box right?) There are no real online services to help you …



So, we created a branded utility from Nykredit & DONG called Flytteplanen which is an app + web app running on multiple devices. Flytteplanen is a new service that makes it easier to plan and organise your move from one place to another. One of the features helps you easily organise your moving boxes by taking a picture of what each one contains and then storing this on the app. We developed the solution from start to finish including naming, logo/identity, design, brand strategy, concept development, digital development and hosting.



Flytteplanen now has 7.000 monthly users. In a recent survey 75% of users rated the service as good or very good.


Danish Digital Award : Shortlisted