How can we create awareness for Doctors without Borders ("Medecins Sand Fronteires") and collect money for this good cause?



We decided to invent a social donation solution that converted 'likes' into money – we turned the existing MSF campaign idea “good intentions don’t save lives” on its head and made people’s intentions count for once. Through a Facebook app, people created posts asking their friends for likes. They then donated one kroner to Doctors without Borders for every like they received. Each collection ran for 48 hours and only likes from your own Facebook friends counted. By setting a maximum amount you safe-guarded against bankruptcy – or you could decide to donate more if your friends were too slow. At the end of each donation people can post a picture saying thank you to all their generous friends.



Our successful social media donation mechanism is still running ... and, is actually now a permanent solution for MSF! So, what are you waiting for? Why not sign up now and turn your friends’ likes into donations!


Lovie Awards : Bronze - Social Content & Marketing
Lovie Awards : People’s Choice - Social Content & Marketing
Creative Circle Awards : Silver - Social media campaigns