TDC had a clear goal in mind: To create the perfect Eurovision warm up, by making it even easier for Danes to share the festive Eurovision atmosphere with each other. (#del festen)



The message about sharing the celebration using hashtag “del festen” was widely spread across the nation via traditional and social media…Not to mention a flashmob performance, led by Danish winner, Basim.

To make sure the entire nation got off to a flying start, we started a Grand Prix Karaoke party, complete with all the Eurovision classics, and invited Danes to sing their way to a final performance at the big stage at Eurovision Village – a Eurovision hotspot in downtown Copenhagen.

At, and by the tour bus roaming the country, visitors could make their very own music video by choosing a favorite Eurovision hit, sing-a-long….And add glamour from the impressive gallery of special effects before sharing the festive video with friends, family as well as the rest of the kingdom.

An ongoing competition for votes added to the excitement. The 5 best videos were sent to the finals at Eurovision Village, where they were met by a competent jury, a spirited audience and great prizes within reach.

Extensive local media coverage, great music videos and general positive reactions proved the tour a great success.
To enhance the buzz even further, we found ourselves a TDC Eurovision Party Reporter who would bring our viewers a rare glimpse into the very soul of the Eurovision show. Front row and backstage. The content was then aired by our media partner BT and on TDCs Social channels.

Lisa Lents, known from Dancing with the Stars, became our Party Reporter, and charmed her way into artist hearts as well as Danish homes.



Eurovision Song Contest 2014 turned out to be the biggest Danish TV-event of all time, entertaining 195 mil viewers, of which 2.2 mio proved to be Danes. Our record size catalogue of TDC content got more than 1.3 mil views under the omnipresent hashtag #delfesten, while up to 750.000 users engaged in our content, across various social media platforms.

We put all our strength into creating the greatest Eurovision party of all time. But in the end, the ones who made it happen, turned out to be the ever charming, fun loving Danes themselves.