This year’s Christmas wish from the Danish toyshop Brand, ‘BR’, is to try and give the brand fairly larger emotional value and to strengthen the sense of community among children and adults this Christmas. BR is a 50-year-old toys chain, so everyone, who today is a parent still remembers the sinking feeling, when the toys chain’s “Book of Wishes” came through the letter box.

This is the reason why BR in co-operation with the ‘Konstellation & Republica’ has created the concept “Share the Emotion”. Now coming to life in this new screen advertisement, which includes a new adventure giving the “Book of Wishes” a new visual language.



The Screen Advertisement:
The insight, which the screen advertisement portrays, is that children may be quite persistent, when they want to have their wishes come true. That is a universal insight, which most parents will be able to recognize, and in the screen advertisement this has been dramatized. The production company behind the movie is named ‘Playground Production’ and the advertisement is available here.

The ’Book of Wishes’:
The ’Book of Wishes’ now has additional value to the busy family by offering them a cosy adventure, which encourages the family to join in on the concept of reading stories aloud to their children. Naturally, The BR mascot, known to every Dane as “Fætter BR” must be part of the story and as he is accompanied by a cheerful pixy girl or “nisse” the Christmas’ shenanigans are put in motion. That the pixy girl is named Edith after the co-founder of the BR-brand, Edith Rasmussen, who together with her husband Børge Rasmussen created the BR-brand, is only an additional clever ending to the adventure.



”The book of Wishes” in which you can join in on sharing the emotion. See it here.

A screen advertisement which creates a joyous Christmas cheer across the borders among the Scandinavian countries.